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"The team at Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Pros did an awesome job on my basement, completing crack repair and waterproofing to ensure I don't have anymore leaks. I've dealt with foundation repair companies frequently in the past but this was the first time I felt like I got an affordable price AND professional services. Thank you for a great experience!"
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Pittsburgh's #1 Foundation Repair Team

Affordable Foundation Services

Thorough foundation inspections pave the way for well-thought-out repair plans
A variety of crack and leak repair services for residential and commercial customers
Heavy-duty house leveling and slab jacking services that our customers can trust

Reliable Workmanship

Full-scale basement foundation repair to keep your house in tip-top shape
Crawl space encapsulation and vapor barrier installation that ensures the area stays dry
Professional concrete slab foundation repair and pier & beam services

Pro Foundation Contractors

Our team of foundation repair experts is fully licensed and insured for your protection
Competitive and always affordable prices make getting foundation repair easier 
Offering product and service warranties and guarantees for your peace of mind

Our Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Contractors Have Your Back!

Foundation repair in Pittsburgh should be a service you can affordably obtain when life throws a few roadblocks your way. Nobody plans on their foundation cracking or developing leaks, but when it does, you can depend on Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Pros to pick up the pieces by applying expert techniques that fix the problem right the first time. We aren't in this business to drain your bank account but rather make sure your foundation is safe and secure.

Our Pittsburgh foundation repair company provides a plethora of foundation repair services that the competition turns the other cheek to, such as crawl space services and basement waterproofing. These services are important and directly affect the health of your residential home or commercial property's foundation. If you have a problem with your concrete slab or pier & beam foundation, our team of professional contractors is just the one to figure it out for you, and we do it quickly.

Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Pros is your one-stop-shop for all things foundation-related. If we can't fix it, nobody can! Our prices are always fair, we work with insurance companies, and our contractors make it a point to get the job done fast and efficiently. Get in touch with us today for the best foundation service in Pennsylvania. 

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Pittsburgh's Finest Foundation Repair Services

When it comes to foundation repair in Pittsburgh, PA, you can count on our elite contractors to make miracles happen. They've been known to fix the unfixable using tried-and-true methods and industry-leading equipment.

Foundation Repair

Does your foundation have cracks and leaks that are causing issues for the rest of your house? Our company offers ways to fix this problem through expert foundation repair services. We make sure your house is sitting on solid ground.

Crawl Space Services

When a crawl space is filled with water or has vermin invading it, this suggests an issue with the foundation. Our team uses top-notch methods for crawl space services like encapsulation and vapor barrier installation to rectify the situation.

Expert Waterproofing

Waterproofing crawl spaces and basements ensure the foundation is kept free from the pressure of excessive water buildup. This can be done through a French drain and/or sump pump installation. We're experts in this area for basement waterproofing.

Basement Repair

Cracks on the interior and exterior walls of your basement can signal a dire foundation problem. Whether your basement needs crack and leak repair or professional waterproofing our team of professionals can make it happen in Pittsburgh, PA.

Residential Services

It's important that your house's foundation be crack and leak-free to ensure the rest of the structure's integrity. We offer foundation inspection, repair, and house leveling services for your residential property. Let us repair your foundation cracks!

Commercial Services

Your commercial property cannot operate safely and efficiently without a proper foundation. We have all the tools and equipment to make fast foundation repairs so your business can get back to business!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Foundation Repair in Pittsburgh, PA

Foundation repair is a complex niche that is sometimes hard to understand. We hope our FAQ section will help answer your questions. We also have a regularly updated foundation blog section that we invite you to browse through.

How much does foundation repair cost?

Minor foundation crack repairs cost less to fix, while major repairs that require hydraulic piers and waterproofing can cost much more. Contact our team for a free estimate for your repairs.

Is foundation repair covered by insurance?

Generally speaking, yes, foundation repair is covered by homeowner's insurance. However, your insurance company may put stipulations on how the damages occurred and whether they are covered or not. Your best bet is to refer to your homeowner's insurance manual or reach out to an agent.

Should you buy a house with foundation issues?

The best thing you can do is hire a professional foundation specialist to inspect the structure's damages and determine how severe they are. That will give you a clear idea of whether you should sign on the dotted line or not.

Learn More About Our Pittsburgh Foundation Services

Our company strives to exceed our customer's expectations on every job we perform. We use high-quality equipment and combine traditional methods with modern techniques. Each of the foundation repair services that we offer is customized to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Accurate Foundation Inspection in Pittsburgh

Foundation repair begins with a thorough foundation inspection at the property. We like to know how and why the initial problem started in the first place. Our inspections cover the entire foundation, including the basement, crawl space, and internal and external areas. We never overlook anything.

If you're purchasing a new home, it is imperative that you have an expert foundation contractor to inspect the area for any damages. You don't want to buy a house with unseen foundation damages and end up having to fork offer loads of money in costly future repairs in Pittsburgh PA. Our company can give you rock-solid answers on foundation problems.
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crack near basement of home requires foundation crack repair pittsburgh

Affordable Foundation Crack Repair for Your Pittsburgh Residential & Commercial Property

Foundation crack repair in Pittsburgh is our flagship service. When a crack appears in a foundation, it should never be neglected. It's true, not all foundational cracks are problematic, especially those found in concrete. However, you won't know if to until it is too late without having a professional assessment. Our contractors know exactly what to look for.

When cracks are horizontal in nature or are 1/8 of an inch in width thick, you can be sure there is an underlying problem with the foundation. We have the tools and equipment to quickly repair the cracks in your foundation as well as address the reason they happened in the first place. Get in touch with us today if you've noticed any damages, and we'll fix them with foundation repair in Pittsburgh PA.

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Pittsburgh House Leveling is Part of Our Superior Foundation Repair Services

Are you noticing cracks on the interior and exterior walls of your basement? Perhaps, your windows and doors aren't closing properly, and you see that your floors are sloping. These are all tell-tale signs that you have a severe foundation problem and that house leveling and slab jacking might be the answer.

Historically speaking, concrete slab foundations are prone to sinking and shifting in the dirt due to soil expansion. When this happens, the entire house drops in certain spots causing many problems. House leveling is the process in which a foundation is put back to its original position as closely as possible.
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Reliable Basement Foundation Repair in Pittsburgh

There are many things that can go wrong with your basement's foundation, including cracks, leaks, bowing walls, and much more. Each of these problems needs to be addressed and assessed by a professional foundation specialist. The root cause of the issues needs to be discovered to develop an appropriate repair plan.

When your basement foundation has cracks, they often lead to leaks, and leaks lead to mold growth and vermin infestations. We can repair the cracks and apply measures such as sump pump and French drain installation to keep excess water from putting pressure on your foundation. Would you like to learn more about basement foundation repair? Call us today and get a FREE estimate for foundation problems.

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Pittsburgh's Most Reliable Slab Foundation Repair

Concrete slab foundation repair in Pittsburgh is one of the most common jobs that we go on. Many homes are fitted with a slab foundation, especially older houses. If you are noticing door and windows not working properly, cracks in tile work, or cracks that appear in vulnerable areas, it's time to call the professionals.

There are a variety of ways concrete slab foundations can be repaired, including steel pressed pilings, concrete pressed pilings, and concrete piers, to name a few. Our contractors will assess the situation through a thorough inspection and come up with the best plan for your slab foundation repair.
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concrete slab foundation repair in Pittsburgh PA
pier & beam foundation repair pittsburgh

Practical Pittsburgh Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

Do you have a need for pier & beam foundation repair in Pittsburgh? The Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Pros have it covered! We offer many different treatments and methods that are designed to get your pier & beam foundation functioning as it should. Our team will perform a meticulous inspection of the area to pinpoint the underlying issues.

We will also look over your crawl space to find any problems lurking in the area because everything is connected and works like a well-oiled machine. Sometimes, the joists in pier & beam foundations can go bad and begin to rot, especially if they are made from wood. You can trust our contractors to fix the foundation problems as quickly as possible.

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Local Foundation Repair - Pittsburgh & Communities?

Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Pros is your top-rated foundation specialist. We are happy to announce that we've expanded our service area to be in your neck of the woods. If you find that you're in need of foundation repair and are in or around our service area locations, please give us a call.

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Ross Township
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Foundation Repair is Our Specialty - So, We Wrote a FREE Resource for Homeowners!

Foundation repair can be a confusing, diluted, and downright daunting process if you're going into it blind. So, our foundation repair contractors put their heads together and designed a FREE resource for homeowners venturing into the realm of foundation services. Do you have questions about your house's foundation? Be prepared to have them answered!

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Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Pros is your one-stop-shop for all things foundation-related. We offer affordable prices and service with a smile.  Call us at (412) 693-0707
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